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Kahdo | 61 new vehicle wraps inside 2 weeks

26 Smarts this week and 35 Toyota Yaris’ next week. A great way to end the year with a fleet order from our friends at Kahdo. These guys are super easy to work with and although this has been the first changeover campaign for Kahdo this year (due to longer campaigns) it looks like a few more may be on the way next year. Good for them and good for us. We have been working with Kahdo’s fleets for several years now and am sure you have seen some of their previous campaigns out on the road. Here’s a bit of montage of previous campaigns for their Smart car fleet.  Will show the latest campaigns for Kahdo Smart and Yaris’ this week. The Smart cars are hitting the roads as we speak. It’s a production line, Kahdo drivers arrive, 7 daily, Julia from Kahdo meets and greets, we get the job done, and the campaign is out on the streets of Melbourne.

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