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Headland Machinery VIC

Headland Machinery ordered 4 Wall Scrawls for their open warehouse space and boardrooms. For this application we reverse applied a layer of warm white semi opaque film to the Wall Scrawl and forme cut the Headland logo out of the film in the bottom right hand corner. The Boardroom Wall Scrawl needed to be large (2000x1500mm) to negate a fairly obvious mortar section within their brickwork. To break up the space a little we applied two sections of film; a large upper section where all the writing takes place and a smaller logo area section, that being low would tend not to be used. In other applications this keyline area could be highly designed with graphics, images and logos both in the home and office while keeping the main writing section clean for handwriting legibility. Thank you to Leanne whom I met yesterday when taking the photos … the building at Headland was only built a year ago but the brickwork looks as though it has been their for years and works in well with the clean elements at play in a warehouse space including now 4 Wall Scrawls.

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