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Swimart Cheltenham | dial a pool boy

Mary Lou is pretty funny and she uses her sense of humour in her business. Â She owns the Swimart Cheltenham franchise and of course it makes sense to toe the franchise brand model and style guide but it’s good to inject a bit of yourself in business. Â That injection is often, without even knowing it, why clients walk through your door. Â So she brought that sense of humour to the branding of her vehicle. Â It is a slogan or catchphrase or byline and the suggestion is selling a service – mobile maintenance -Â which happens to be the largest part of her business. Â But mobile maintenance sounds boring, Dial a Pool Boy! conjures up something entirely different. Â It’s selling the dream of sipping cocktails on the side of the pool while someone attends to the messier, time consuming detail of keeping the pool looking good. Â And if he looks good then BONUS!

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