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Traditonal Gold Leaf, Traditional Signwriting

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We have been coming up with gold leaf options for a number of retail stores for one of our graphic design clients. The first option was the real thing, traditional gold leaf which has seen a wonderful resurgence lately by way of mainly commissioned works (who’d have thought that 25 years ago). Once signwriters, now considered artists, who are refining this skill and being commissioned for specific projects.

It is labour intensive and I guess that is why traditional gold leaf is seeing a revival as an art form, it requires skill and practice to get right, a skill lost on many signwriters today due to its lack of popularity as digital technology took over and offered a cheaper alternative over the past 30 years.

For a retail outfit that has multiple stores, it is not a viable cost. We have also put forward a faux gold leaf option which is not a straight forward stock vinyl cut, in fact, a layered approached is required to achieve a similar effect to traditional gold leaf. Some crafting and skill required but not as labour intensive as the traditional form.

We provided our client with 3 faux gold leaf options laid up on clear acrylic as a visual for glass, but could be applied to any clean, flat substrates.  One of these options will soon be a product in our online shop available as a 50mm, 100mm & 150mm number.  It will be the first of many signage products to be available in our shop.




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