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matte black wrap, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Narcotic Nutrition

Matte Black Wrap + Gloss Colour Logos

A matte black wrap for 2 of Narcotic Nutrition’s Toyota FJ Cruisers, the cars tells us as much with their large bold bonnet text “Narc 01”, “Narc 02” etc.

We have just completed Narc 01 today. The bold, colourful logo graphics creates a eye catching contrast with the textural matte black of the car. The colours are confined to large circular decals that have been stamped, in effect, on the car for impact.  These include a roof graphic, wheel cover decal and rear side decals. White bold text has also been used to convey information clearly and provides another contrast to the logo colours and the matte black base wrap.

Combining this with the clever spin they’ve created with their brand name and catchphrases makes this a very cool mobile advertisement for their brand. The fact that it is a healthy product, where narcotic is used to exhilarate the senses in a good way, via nutrition, is clever. Using terms like “pure”, “uncut” “”100 %” is also clever spin.

Brand Hierarchy

  • Matte Black Base Wrap
  • Bold White Text to contrast with matte black
  • Large printed logo decals to roof, rear wheel cover and rear side panels
  • Logo stamp effect and contained in circles for impact texturally against matte black
  • Appealing to body builders, health and body conscious demographic
  • Plenty of spin used in catchphrases
  • Perfect tie in with web presence and social media and packaging.
  • matte black wrap, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Narcotic Nutrition
  • matte black wrap, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Narcotic Nutrition

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