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Product Advertising, Van Wrap, Wine, Arquilla Wines

Wine Bottle Product Advertising drives Arquilla Fleet

Product Advertising tends to be up there with the most colourful, eye catching vehicle wraps that we do. It is about market appeal and brand awareness so best to sell it with images of your product. These vans for Arquilla Wines may just be delivering product to retail outlets but importantly, they are also delivering product brand awareness to all the eyes that survey their small fleet of vans (this large one and a few caddy vans) on the road as well as letting their retail outlets know that they are pretty happy with the product on the inside. We wrapped Arquilla’s first van back in 2007, again in 2010 and this time it’s 2014. 3 rebrands in 7 years tells its own story for our relationship with this brand and the creatives that pull the artwork together, Trout. The more important story is that Arquilla Wines see the benefit of vehicle advertising and invest in it on a regularly basis as far as rebranding is concerned. The most pleasing and satisfying aspect for Decently Exposed is that our clients keep coming back.

  • Product Advertising, Van Wrap, Wine, Arquilla Wines
  • Product Advertising, Van Wrap, Wine, Arquilla Wines

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