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Boney Bar & Bandroom Entrance ID | decals

Boney Bar & Bandroom sent us their artwork file for quotation and decided to go ahead with us because we were the only ones of those who quoted that could achieve a black outline and drop shadow.  Difficult to see in the actual images because of dark background, evident however in the last image of the decals prior to installation.  The decals have been worked into the glass sections of their yellow front door, including trading hours, logo and “eat in” and “takeaway”.

Job Detail

  • entrance door decals
  • reverse forme cut white SAV graphics
  • black outline & drop shadow.

About Boney

Boney is the brand new offering from the team behind Cookie, The Toff In Town and Revolver Upstairs. Featuring live music seven nights a week, DJs til late plus a restaurant serving up lunch and dinner. source : Boney Bar & Bandroom  Facebook Page

Trading Hours, Cafe Door Decal, Window Decal



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