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Aged copper finish on entrance glass windows | privacy screen

The client brief was to screen the glass sections of a tilt door as well as the entrance door and surround for privacy, a block out effect that wouldn’t be overpowering and one that worked in with the external facade colours and textures. Red bricks, a concrete path and black window frames were the tie in colours and textures. Our clients like the idea of an aged copper finish. To achieve this effect on glass with printed film required a 3 step process, a combination of print to clear, backed up with a semi clear frosted silver for a metallic finish and a further layer of white for full opacity and a dense aged copper patina.


  • Colour samples were provided showing different strengths and opacities.
  • Achieved by backing the clear print with silver and frosted silver then backing up with white for depth of colour.

Copper Sample, Printed Graphic on white

Copper samples on white, silver and frost, printed graphic

Step 1 : Print

  • Print copper graphic full strength on clear.

Printed Graphic, Window Decal, Factory / Warehouse

Step 2 & 3

  • Backed up with a layer of semi clear silver frost for a metallic finish.
  • Backed up with another layer of white for full opacity and to add depth to aged copper finish.
  • Numbered pieces to correspond with numbered window sections to ensure the print was applied correctly to achieve overall graphic consistency.

Screen layout, copper print, patina

Setting out for Installation

  • Sheet No. 1 for Window Number 1.

Screen layout, copper print, patina


  • Application of printed graphic to glass window sections of entrance door and surround and tilt door.

Aged Copper Print, Copper, Copper Print, Tilt Door Screen, Glass Printing, Print to Glass




Stage 2

Adding copper print to windows above the door

  • Copper Print, Window Decal, Warehouse Facade, Privacy Screen
  • Aged-Copper-Print-Tilt-Door-Entrance-5

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