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Give prospective clients a good reason to ride your tail

If you are just starting out in business and funds are limited, or funds are limited cos it’s tough out there, then drive (pardon the pun) your own marketing with a rear window advertising campaign. Broken record, I know, but the rear window is the best place to start and here’s why.

  • The message is contained almost framed
  • It’s cost effective. $500 + Abbott’s bit got the job done and included print, installation and design set up from supplied client elements.
  • It’s rear positioning is great in traffic, gives the drivers behind plenty of time to take in your message
  • Keeping it simple for search retention is important too. Google Big Watch World to see what happens.
  • Make sure your business name = your business url for immediate direction to your website.
  • Big Watch World sells watches so they’ve included watch brand logos beneath their business name.


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