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Rear window seasonal advertising for Mancini : Summer 2014 NEW!

Mancini Real Estate, located in Pier Street, Altona, rent, buy and sell homes in the West, from Werribee to Williamstown. They have a fleet of Smart car vehicles on the road, each one numbered and full wrapped with branded advertising.  When things cool down savvy businesses like Mancini Real Estate heat things up by creating seasonal advertising campaigns that snap customers into action

Summer Campaign 2014 | NEW!

  • selling your home
  • $0
  • No Sale, No Charge!!
  • mancini real estate




Door to Door Service | Pick Up, Drop Off


Winter Campaign 2014

  • Catchphrase “Bringing you in from the cold this winter”
  • Pay No Advertising Fees at all
  • Sell with Mancini Real Estate
  • YOU SAVE $1850
  • No-8-Mancini-Summer-Campaign
  • real estate, Mancini, Smart Car Vehicle Wrap, Rear Window Advertising


When you are a real estate business every person within a 20km radius of your location is a potential customer, so how do you extend the reach with a campaign like this.  A letter drop, local paper advertising and/or a mobile marketing campaign which is what Mancini have done.

They have utilised the rear window space for this campaign.  Why?

  • best advertising real estate on your vehicle due to position and prominence at rear of vehicle
  • perfect visual height for vehicles on your tail
  • higher retention given that you message potentially has eyes on it for prolonged periods in slow traffic
  • rear window, being perforated, has a shorter life than the film used to wrap the body of vehicle, perfect space for changeover campaigns.
  • typically 2 year life for perforated while a body vehicle wrap will last 5 + years.

With 3 vehicles running this campaign on the road from Werribee to Williamstown everyday meeting with existing and new clients, these vehicles also send a message {an enticing offer to boot} to every other resident (potential clients) out there. Mancini’s seasonal campaign works for them x 3 every day of the week. Being a local business with general appeal every single view is a potential client for them.


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