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Didactics: text that informs the exhibit for ACCA : Exhibition UPDATE!

Didactics are often used alongside an exhibit to provide information about the exhibit. Sometimes we print the didactic and sometimes we forme cut the text from stock vinyl which is the case here. It differs from other forme cut text in that it reads like an entry from a book visually and by virtue of this, the text is small. Furthermore, cutting and weeding text to appear this way is time consuming and delicate.  We have been printing, cutting and weeding didactics in one form or another for galleries for 20 years, most notably and for the longest time, on behalf of the National Gallery of Victoria, so you might say we are masters of this particular skill, although rare is its requirement these days.

For current exhibition :  Menagerie

  /  13 DECEMBER 2014 – 1 MARCH 2015

Menagerie explores the human tendency to anthropomorphise through animals and their behaviours as a process of metaphoric discovery of the self. Curated by ACCA Artistic Director Juliana Engberg

Menagerie-Text-3 Menagerie-Text-4 Menagerie-Text-5

 /   31 MAY – 3 AUGUST, 2014

Douglas Gordon appropriates images from popular culture and other sources to create his signature videos and photographic installations. He first came to prominence in 1993 with the work 24 Hour Psycho, a slowed down version of Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic film, and since then he has been at the forefront of contemporary practice worldwide.

The 30 seconds text is a very interesting read.  Go on read it.

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