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Decently Exposed

develops key concepts, ideas and marketing strategies to lift the marketing profile of its clients. The creative team at Decently Exposed has gone from strength to strength, a unification of ideas and a bit of oomph to get it all happening, has seen the development of a range of products and services which all aim to increase brand awareness and visibility across several platforms for their clients.

DE’s brand awareness campaigns are supported by the following products:


AutoSkin is a digitally coloured skin for automobiles. You can have high resolution artwork emblazoned on the skin which is then bonded to the car and is indistinguishable from normal paint other than its photographic reproduction quality. AutoSkin has the double advantage of forming a protective coating which can be stripped off to reveal the original, as-new unblemished duco the car came with.

Wall Scrawl

Wall Scrawl is about changing the look of the whiteboard to become a stylish and functional addition to your wall space. In its basic form, Wall Scrawl is made from 8mm clear Perspex in a range of sizes and combined with satin anodised brass fixings to blend with a modern home/office environment.

For the home keep it clear or pump up the volume with our range of printed layers incorporating patterns, textures, your photos – our treatments, colours and much more. Create a memo board and a piece of art or something more personal with your digital images.

For the office, develop your company logo and colours to create a memo board that doubles as subtle signage for your business in your reception, offices and meeting rooms. All layers are solvent printed on clear or frosted film for a semi translucent effect as shown here with our company logo.


John Taylor established taylormadesigns back in August 1992. Having studied graphic design at RMIT for three years he wanted to be more hands on and decided to undertake a sign apprenticeship at Landells Signs in North Melbourne. He eventually moved on to Luke Signage and quickly assumed the position of Production Manager. Luke Signage was more focussed on the creative, design driven aspect of signage with clients like the Princess, Comedy and Regent Theatres and Village Cinemas way back when they used to hand sketch and paint their billboards. But he still itched to do his own thing and so from humble beginnings at the back of screen printing premises, taylormadesigns grew legs.


InfoTowers is a promotional/directional, outdoor/indoor temporary signage tower that can be set up anywhere on level ground and is supported by an internal, engineered for safety, water ballast system. A minimum 4.5m2 per side up to 54m2 printable all sides for maximum exposure and visibility. It offers a short term rent/buy large signage presence for mobile events and promotions.

All products have been developed and manufactured in house.

Decently Exposed can offer the complete package with our committed team of creative designers and deliver the goods with our inhouse print and production facilities.