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About AutoSkin

What is?

AutoSkin as the name suggests is a skin designed specifically to wrap all or part of your vehicle. It can be printed on (720 dpi), repositioned for perfect fit to your vehicle and is removable years after it is applied without damaging the duco beneath (this assumes that the duco is unblemished to begin with). The 3M range of vehicle wrapping media is our print and stock media of choice for commercial vehicle branding. 3M also have a range of custom finishes, eg: chrome, matte colours, gloss colours, brushed aluminium and carbon fibre that we often work into commercial branding designs for textural contrasts.

How it works?

Essentially the client provides their logo, PMS colours, taglines, imagery and graphics and we work these elements up into an eye catching design for their brand. Or the client supplies their own artwork. When creating a design for a client we get them to fill out a creative brief which informs the design and we work it for best placement on their vehicle/s of choice. Once the client has approved their artwork we then print this design onto 3M stock which is then applied to their vehicle by one of our certified applicators Australia wide.

Custom Finishes

Back in the early 2000s we started developing AutoSkin. There was a time when a Google search yielded about 4 companies who were advertising vehicle wrapping. It has developed strongly since then and diversified. No longer simply a commercial branding option, it has developed into a very popular product for the DIY car enthusiast wanting to pimp their ride. Many products have been developed to serve this burgeoning market. 3M have a whole range of custom finishes including matte colours, carbon fibre, chrome and brushed aluminium along with a full range of gloss colours aimed at this market. Being a repositionable product and without the need to line up graphics and text, this product is perfect for the DIY enthusiast. There are many YouTube videos produced by 3M and others providing vehicle wrapping tutorials. Fitting this product to the flat areas of the car eg: roof and bonnet is a good starting point, side mirrors and intricate trim features are more difficult and require some practice.

We also provide a complete wrapping service for all 3M custom finishes. We also use some of the Hexis range of custom finishes.