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AutoSkin Creative Brief

The AutoSkin Creative Brief informs the design stage of your project, so for best results please provide detailed information where possible. Please zip and send your logo elements as one file using the upload feature at the bottom of this form. Thank you for choosing AutoSkin.
  • Promotional, Site Visit Recognition, 24/7 Billboard while parking & driving, Events marketing, Advertising your business to the general market, Advertising your business to a select clientele.
  • When does the artwork have to be ready and to whom must it be sent? Is there an event or promotion that the vehicle must be ready for and in which location(s)? If multiple vehicles, will they be available to wrap simultaneously?
  • What logo elements are essential to have on your vehicle in order of importance? Your Logo, Your Logo Colours, Your Business Details - phone, address, URL (www.), Tagline or Catchphrase, Photographic, Textural, Illustrative and Graphic Elements.
  • If you are a blogger, use twitter, facebook, pinterest etc or create promotions using a QR Barcode, they can also be incorporated into your vehicle design along with respective URLs if required.
  • A style guide is usually set up by your designer, essentially a presentation of how your logo and elements are to be used across all media - stationery, signage, web design and promotional materials.
  • Do you have a select audience, ie: site visit recognition for existing clientele, a broad retail audience, or do you target a corner of the market? eg: health & fitness, plumbing etc.
  • Our Artwork Fee allows for presentation of 2D rendering of your chosen vehicle, which can be tweaked once. Expenses such as photography, modelling or outsourcing of resources will be on-charged. Should further tweaking be required after this submission an additonal fee of $150.00 + gst will apply for each subsequent alteration to the design.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, ai, eps, zip, tiff, jpeg.
    Please zip and send your brand elements or send as one individual file. We accept jpg, gif, png, pdf, ai, eps, tiff, jpeg and zip files. If you have large files (< 20MB) then please send via email, (> 20MB) then we will organise a dropbox share (cloud sharing) and step you through it.