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What is AutoSkin?

AutoSkin is the complete or partial wrapping (covering) of a vehicle in an advertisement that is used as a mobile billboard generally for business. It begins with a design that is then digitally printed onto stock film and applied to all or parts of a vehicle. Often referred to as a full vehicle wrap or a partial vehicle wrap. In recent years much technology has gone into the development of vinyl film specifically for application to vehicles to ensure ease of repositioning, ability to wrap around curves and contours and come the end of the advertising campaign or lease life of the vehicle that the vinyl is easily removed with no damage to the duco. The added bonus is that a vehicle wrap will also protect the duco of your vehicle so that when a full wrap is removed the base duco is the same as it was when initially wrapped. 3M are the market leaders in quality vehicle wrapping materials and have a number of products for this purpose. We almost exclusively use this product and although it might cost more initially, we rarely have any issue with the material from initial application to removal some years later.

What is 3M 1080 Series?

3M Custom Finishes are addressing the growth in popularity of applying custom finishes to personalise vehicles. Matte Black, Carbon Fibre and Brushed Aluminiums have become very popular among car enthusiasts and businesses alike to stamp their own individuality on their vehicles. 3M have created the 1080 series for car enthusiasts and DIY market. Without the need to match designs, 3M 1080 Series product makes it a fairly simple exercise for the car enthusiast to apply themselves, particularly to the flat surfaces of the car – roof and bonnet.

How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

Vehicle wrapping costs basically come down to coverage and what parts of the vehicle are to be wrapped. If you only wanted to place advertising on your rear window or required a full vehicle wrap, then pricing is pretty straight forward. You would just need to advise your vehicle make and model. It gets a bit trickier once we start talking parts of the vehicle that are to be wrapped. For example applying a decal to a bonnet is much easier and less time consuming (less $$ too) than applying decals to deep recesses, curves and contours or around door handles.  Knowing what parts of the vehicle require wrapping is essential to price accurately. The best way for us to provide a firm quote is if you provide us with a design layout on a vehicle template.  The second way is to provide us with a budget, an amount you are comfortable spending on the vehicle, supply your brand elements and we do the rest.  We work with you to determine how to best get your message out there on the street in terms of the industry you work in, the demographic you are trying to appeal to and the most important information for viewers to retain when looking at your vehicle remembering that you only ever get a few seconds to deliver your mobile advertisement effectively.

Are we certified 3M installers?

3M Certification requires that you complete a course with 3M. Given that 99% of the time we use 3M material and that we have been in business since 1992, you can rest assured that we know what we are doing but if that doesn’t satisfy you, then being listed on 3M’s preferred vehicle wrapping installer list may just give you peace of mind. With the catchphrase, “DON’T RISK IT, FIND A 3M RECOMMENDED INSTALLER IN YOUR STATE” we are proudly displayed here

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