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Mobile Wall Scrawl for ANU Open Day, Canberra.

Danielle from Morris Walker called with the idea of zany economists scrawling all over 2 large, clear, mobile whiteboards whilst chaotically swinging them around in the large foyer at the ANU (Australian National University) Open Day this weekend. The idea had been sparked by Julius Sumner Miller, the mad and entertaining tv physicist of the 60s – 80s who […]

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Wall Scrawl | Crossfit Aphesis | Workout Program

CrossFit, Inc. is a fitness program developed by Greg Glassman. CrossFit’s exercise program is practiced by members of (as of 2012) approximately 4,400 affiliated gyms ….. and by individuals who complete daily workouts posted on the company’s website. CrossFit Aphesis in Sydney is one such affiliate. Over the past few weeks we have worked with […]

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