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Vehicle Graphics | Get Started : Nissan Dualis No. 2

The vehicle graphics for Get Started are essentially made up of the Get Started Logo: both text and graphic, printed full strength on doors and tailgate; geometric pattern: layered, printed at different strengths on clear for subtle impact and transparency, a process that refers the car’s metallic duco, as well as subtle business detail: forme […]

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Fitness Vehicle Wrap

AutoSkin | 3 Style Fitness to budget

3 Style Fitness vehicle graphics applied to a Volkswagen Golf.  Design (from client supplied elements) + Print + Application. Gradient | Metallic Logo treatment with large “3” featured to rear side panels of vehicle. Business detail including address, url & phone on rear tailgate Rear window Logo + information text Side information text to baseline […]

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Van Vehicle Decals

F for Ficus | MB Van

Would love to have given this “F” word the metallic treatment but given that this design will be applied to various vehicle types and colours where the metallic print is not an option, it is important to maintain one constant and that is the design, maintaining uniform colour and placement. It is important for brand […]

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Metallic Finish, Silver Duco referring through colour print, AutoSkin ~ drive your brand home

Get Started

If a business is serious about their brand then by the time they arrive at our door it is simply a handover of essential business branding elements – logo, colours, fonts and perhaps imagery, illustration and catchphrase in an appropriate format. We require these elements delivered as artwork or as the starting point to develop […]

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