After 26 years in South Yarra we have relocated to Williamstown.  Here we have set up our own studio, office and print room.  A deliberate choice to scale down and pursue our love of small business in a framework that also supports our creativity and work life balance.  Everything we have learned in business: good and bad, success and failure, experience, knowledge, wisdom, faith, courage and determination travels with us. An ever growing resource that we continue to draw upon.  Our focus is still on custom signage and print, focussing on installations for galleries and retail shops, custom signage for small business and vehicle branding whilst slowly developing a product range online that is an extension of our knowledge and experience in the sign and print trade.  

And what of the future?   We look forward to working from a smaller base with as big a vision as we’ve always had. Collaborating with designers, architects, small business and creative individuals, we aim to deliver in both function and form on their desired outcomes, engaging trustworthy and diligent artisans, manufacturers, suppliers and contractors to work with and alongside us.

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