Decently Exposed is a family run, latex printing and signage business located in the inner west suburb of Williamstown close to Melbourne’s CBD. 

For many years, we have printed, produced, manufactured and installed exhibition signage for art galleries and museums in and around Melbourne as well as retail signage for bricks and mortar small business.   We are continually refining and seeking new materials that work in a retail and gallery space whilst pursuing sustainable signage options. 

We produce our own range of lightboxes, menu boards and bespoke signage with custom detail for clients looking for function, aesthetic and honest materials.  We also have a product called Wall Scrawl, a range of frameless acrylic and magnetic whiteboards and custom planners.

Collaborating with designers, architects, small business and creative individuals, we aim to deliver in both function and form on our client’s desired outcomes, engaging creative artisans, manufacturers, suppliers and contractors to work with and alongside us.