Colour Layer

To produce a colour layer on your frameless acrylic Wall Scrawl, we print the colour direct to the acrylic.  We use clear acrylic so when printing colour to clear the finish is transparent.  Your wall colour will, therefore, provide the block colour behind our print which is fine for a white or light coloured wall.  If you prefer a solid colour, ie: where you don’t want the wall colour to refer through, we then back up the printed colour with a layer of 90% white.  This creates an almost opaque finish and sufficient to block wall colour but with a lovely touch of translucency.

Customise your wall space with a printed colour layer matched to your brand / logo colours or to compliment your interior colour palette. If a graphic designer has created your brand elements they will usually reference colours with a Pantone Matching System (PMS) number. We use this colour matching system for digital printing too. For interior colours supply a swatch, a paint chip or any other textile or visual reference material that can provide a true colour representation.  We then match this with our PMS reference chart to achieve as close a match as is possible.  A print proof is then provided to ensure you are happy with the colour.

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