A lightbox is an internally illuminated sign often seen as an under awning sign along a retail strip or flush or flag mounted to a shop front. Logo graphics are applied to translucent opal acrylic face/s internally backlit with LEDs. For a business or store it is a directional beacon or landmark particularly at night when illuminated. Like a porch light at home, it is welcoming and suggests the business is open and ready to serve its customers. Perfect for business that is open in the evening to guide customers to their door: restaurants, galleries, bars, hotels, gyms and yoga centres and like establishments. Like our other signage products, it can be customised in so many ways. Products below hopefully spark ideas for customising your lightbox, whether it be a framed or frameless lightbox, a custom shape, incorporating 3D logos and lettering, flush, flag or ceiling mounted, edgelit or backlit.  You get the picture.

Frame Options
Custom Shapes