Within our range of lightboxes are a selection of modern and stylish ways to draw eyes to your shop or business.

Fully customisable, our lightboxes will fit perfectly with the current look of your space and are guaranteed to get the attention of people passing by, even from the other side of the street.

Read more below to discover the possibilities with our lightbox range!

Halcyon Lake - Custom powdercoated lightbox, with 3D logo
RMIT Lightbox, University Cafe, Melbourne, Lightbox, Custom Lightbox
RMIT Lightbox | Brass Finish | Irregular Shape | Printed Graphics | $2900

Shape and Size

We have full control over the fabrication process so we can produce a light box fit for any space!

Meaning, our Lightboxes can be made as big or as small as you need them to be. Additionally, we’re not limited to just rectangles or circles, we can customise the shape of your lightbox too, as pictured to the left!¬†

Materials and Finish

We’re capable of finishing our lightboxes with many materials and styles. Sample from a range of finishes that we’ve tried and tested and know can work.

Some of these materials include; Brass, Copper, Aluminium or Steel. Additionally we can spray or powder coat your lightbox to make it match a colour from the pantone range.

However if you have a finish or material in mind that you haven’t seen us talk about, please let us know, we love trying the new stuff out, and we might be able to make something work!

Copper cantilever lightbox with logo printed and applied to face.
Heffernan Hair Lightbox | Copper | Square | Printed Graphics | $1950
Circular Lightbox, Cafe Signage, Custom Lightbox by Decently Exposed
Riserva Lightbox | Matte Black | Circular | 3D Logo | $2100

Logo and Lettering

The final and possibly most important piece to making a lightbox your very own is the artwork, this refers to how your logo or signage will be displayed on the box.

Our illuminated signs allow some creative alternatives to your standard 2D signage. Some cool effects can be achieved using 3D lettering. As pictured, a halo effect is given to the logo helping it stand away from the box and making it easily viewed at all hours of the day!

While more traditional effects like intra-cut lettering and even just printed graphics still give a bolder finish than most other boxes due to the illuminated elements.

Need Help?

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Ask away! We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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