Custom Metal Signs

Laser cut logos, etched, engraved and/or backfilled, there are lots of options available to stamp your creativity on a metal sign.  Steel can be treated or oiled or simply left raw to age and rust and there are a number of substrate materials to choose from depending on the finish you desire.  Metal signs have great synergy with businesses that in a sense offer the same – basic, raw ingredients that they fashion into creative products or services that directly connect them with their clients.  Signage can be a symbolic extension of your branding where base materials can also tell a story about your brand. Perfect fit for organic food stores, bakeries, and restaurant/cafe signage.

Cortens steel laser cut sign sitting on homes front fence

Standard Finishes

Our Metal signs can be delivered in a number of finishes. 

For the rusted look our Corten Steel will have you covered rusting over fully in only a matter of months, quickly giving you the natural earthy feel. Whereas for a more polished finish you might opt for our stainless steel or one of our powder coated metal finishes! 

Sizing and Detail

Our sizes range from anything small scale 200mm x 200mm up to 2400mm x 1200mm. Work beyond this is possible however will need to be done in multiple panels.

Also something to be mindful of is the detail and size of the design to be cut out… the more detail and the larger the design will result in a greater cost although only slightly.

We are able to cut to any design you supply but are also able to work on a design for you under you specifications!

Laser cut. Metal Sign, Address Sign, Raw Steel Sign



Well maybe not endless but we love getting creative with these projects! If you have any ides or concepts that you might think are too wild or unachievable, please float them our way! 

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