Custom Planner, Perpetual Calendar, Whiteboard, Magnetic, Wall Scrawl

Custom Planner for Wilson Security

Planning is one of our many passions. Planning focussed on your passions, goals, to dos, projects and events is the end aim of our Wall Scrawl custom planner product. Creating stylish custom whiteboards for your specific needs by combining function and form.

Hemp, Removable Wallpaper, Sliding Door Wrap, Shelley & Grant's Hemp House, Kensington

Hemp Wallpaper for a Hempcrete Home

Custom printed wallpaper. Shelley and Grant pay homage to the material that built their house, using an image of a hemp plantation on their sliding doors.

PMS Colours, Pantone, custom colour, coloured whiteboard, frameless, dry erase, whiteboard

Colour matching with Pantone

Colour match to an existing interior colour for residential and commercial applications using the Pantone matching system (PMS)

Transparent “Bright Green” Wall Scrawl

Transparent colour layers allow light to feed through the film. Being see through (transparent) also means that the background wall colour will refer through the transparent film.

Frosted Yearly Planner for Arte Constructions

Two lovely elements were incorporated into the print aspect of this planner: the charcoal grey of the logo (also the colour of the planner grid) printed on a frosted background to great effect. The uniform and simple design gives it that utilitarian look but with the soft aesthetic of semi transparent frost creating light, shade and reflection.  We designed the…

Train 24 / 7 Fitness : Frameless Magnetic Red

Personal Trainer Information Wall Scrawls. Two red frameless magnetic Wall Scrawls were installed at Train 24/7 Fitness to communicate information about current personal trainers – photos & accreditation, classes, notes etc. One was installed in the gym and the other in the front reception area. Being both magnetic and dry erase delivers more function for…

Another Matte Black Kitchen Makeover

Matte Black Overhead Cupboards and Fridge This time in Bondi.  White overhead kitchen cupboards and a silver fridge in this compact kitchen were wrapped in our 3M Premium Matte Black film on site.   Brett called us, thought his wife had come across our matte black kitchen in a designer magazine.  He sent through the measurements…