Frameless Acrylic

Our ‘Wall Scrawl’ frameless, acrylic whiteboards were created back in 1997. We wanted to produce not only a functional whiteboard but one that would be an aesthetic addition to a wall space. Our catchphrase “changing the look of the whiteboard” represents the aesthetic : frameless, clear with print and formatted options, and installed using anodised aluminium, architectural fixtures.  For a whiteboard to be truly functional it needs to not only be durable but also easy to clean without ghosting or residue, often the bane of standard whiteboards. Our frameless acrylic whiteboards are an easy to clean whiteboard and simple to maintain with a microfibre duster or cloth to dry erase or a damp cloth using a little detergent in water for a wet erase, all over clean.

Acrylic Whiteboard


Frameless Acrylic Clear + Reverse Direct Print White, 90% Opaque layer to allow for subtle light filtering to add to the aesthetic of your whiteboard.  The “White” Wall Scrawl is unobtrusive in your home, office or commercial space.   All the function of a whiteboard with no ghosting, easy wipe clean and durable surface.

Mobile Acrylic Whiteboard Clear


Adding to the function of our clear Wall Scrawl is the new mobile free standing (clear) whiteboard, made from 10mm (1200mm x 1200mm) and 10mm acrylic (1200mm x 1800mm and 1200mm x 2400mm) with polished edges and fixed to a minimalist yet strong, durable frame with aesthetic frog mounts for a sturdy, functional and aesthetic addition to your boardroom or office space. It is fully portable and glides effortlessly to be repositioned as required. Available in larger sizes only.

Mobile Acrylic Whiteboard Printed


Frameless mobile whiteboard, made from 10mm clear acrylic and fixed within a minimalist, custom aluminium frame using aesthetic frog mount fixtures.  Portable whiteboard for multi room use within an office or commercial space.. Added aesthetic of a reverse, direct print layer to remove any distracting backgrounds. Available in larger sizes only.

Acrylic Whiteboard Planner


A direct print, acrylic planner customised for your specific requirements. We create the artwork from information supplied by you to us, often in the form of a concept layout. We can incorporate your brand elements including logos, pantone referenced brand colours, fonts and graphics into the design. Perpetual calendars, fitness timetables, attendance boards, job scheduling, projects and cafe menu boards are all popular options. Wall Scrawl acrylic planners can also be personalised for residential clients to include Pantone matched interior colours, grids, family calendar layouts etc.

Acrylic Whiteboard Colour


Your choice of colour reverse printed direct to 8mm acrylic for a truly bespoke whiteboard in your home, kitchen or office.  Provide us with a PMS colour (Pantone), a swatch, paint chip or any colour reference for us to match to a Pantone Colour for printing. Get the exact colour you want to work in with your interior colours.

Acrylic Whiteboard Clear


Our frameless, Wall Scrawl whiteboards are made from 8mm clear acrylic and affixed to wall using architectural, satin anodised aluminium fixings for a durable, functional and aesthetic addition to your wall space. Available in 8 sizes for both residential and commercial fitouts.

* includes gst and delivery Australia wide only.

  • allow 10 – 15 days for delivery
  • 8mm clear acrylic, satin anodised brass fixtures, polished edges
  • dry erase, no residue, clean with soft cloth
  • clean lines, modern aesthetic with whiteboard functionality
  • Wall Scrawl ~ changing the look of the whiteboard