A lightbox is an internally illuminated sign often seen as an under awning sign along a retail strip or flush or flag mounted to a shop front. Logo graphics are applied to translucent opal acrylic face/s internally backlit with LEDs. For a business or store it is a directional beacon or landmark particularly at night when illuminated. Like a porch light at home, it is welcoming and suggests the business is open and ready to serve its customers.

Menu Board

Menu boards like the rail menu with letter, number and symbol tiles are great for cafes, bars and any other local business or shop wishing to list regularly purchased goods and services.  Easily referenced by clients in store without having to run through costs. Visually aesthetic, easy to read and simple to change the menu or adjust pricing.  We can further customise colours and materials to deliver something that complements your interior.  The brass menu board would require change over prints for new season menus, offers and promotions..