Frameless Acrylic

Our ‘Wall Scrawl’ frameless, acrylic whiteboards were first created back in 1997. We wanted not only a functional whiteboard but one that would be an aesthetic addition to a wall space. Our catchphrase “changing the look of the whiteboard” represents the aesthetic : frameless, clear thick acrylic (8mm, no flex) with print and formatted options, and installed using anodised aluminium, architectural fixtures.  For a whiteboard to be truly functional it needs to not only be durable but also easy to clean without ghosting or residue, often the bane of standard whiteboards. Our frameless acrylic whiteboards are an easy to clean whiteboard and simple to maintain with a microfibre duster or cloth to dry erase or a damp cloth using a little detergent in water for a wet erase, all over clean.

Dry Erase
Frameless Gal

Our Wall Scrawl frameless, galvanised whiteboards are both dry erase and magnetic. The aesthetic is quite different to our frameless acrylic whiteboards, being a formed steel with a 20mm return. It is then wrapped in a white or printed film and over laminated in gloss dry erase.  There is also the option for a satin finish which we recommend for those wishing to use their whiteboard mainly as a magnetic memo board. These have been very popular in residential fitouts and businesses that require a printed grid, calendar or timetable.  An add on feature are our custom printed magnets used in conjunction with grid layouts.  The galvanised substrate provides a strong base for magnets.

Magnetic + Dry Erase
Float Panel

For a sophisticated frameless whiteboard, our dry erase float panels provide a soft aesthetic giving the sense that they float off the wall.  With a concealed 10mm offset and a slimline 10mm panel, this adds a little bit of luxury to a residential or studio interior wall space that is also as functional as our other whiteboards.  They are wrapped in white or printed film and can be laminated with gloss or satin dry erase film, with gloss as standard.  We can also combine a magnetic interlayer to provide light magnetic function. Two or more dry erase float panels can be butt joined to create a seamless wall of floating panels.  Finishes can be interchanged to add to the aesthetic as show in product photos  and the graphic options are endless.

Magnetic +/- Dry Erase
Peel + Stick

Got a wall, sliding or cupboard door in your kitchen, office or studio space that you want to use to write down lists, to dos, menus for the week or for staff or family memos. If so, you might like to give it a bit of function and form with our gloss, dry erase, peel and stick, whiteboard film. This film is available in two widths, 65cm for full wall applications and either 65cm or 130cm for panel applications. The vinyl film we use for our dry erase is repositionable when installing but can not be removed and reused at a future date, one use only. This product is a premium vinyl based material.  This film can also be printed if you would like a grid or calendar section or printed graphic section. This is an add on feature so not included in the costing of this product.