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Letter Tiles, Letter Menu, Menu Board, Matte Black Rails. By Decently ExposedLetter Menu Board, Menu Board, Rail Menu Board, Letter Tiles, Letter Display

Letter Menu Board


The Letter Menu Board (Std) is a retro aesthetic way to display a full or shortlist version of your menu whether it be for daily specials, a set coffee menu, bar snacks or a detailed restaurant menu.  Menu changeovers are now a simple task that can be updated daily, weekly, seasonally or at whim.  Great for cafe, coffee and ice cream menus, price lists for salons and consult firms.

Matte black or matte white rails as standard
1000mm w x 14mm h
Can be single or double spaced
Screw fixed to wall

> 3mm matte white or plywood tiles
> Futura Medium Font (Uppercase)
> measuring 62mm x 35mm
> direct print uv black lettering>
> 28 tiles per 1000mm w
> Visible area for single spacing is 56mm h x 35mm w
> Visible are for double spacing is 59mm h x 35mm w

The rails can be double or single spaced to allow letter tiles to sit on the rail or slide between the rails depending on preferred aesthetic and space available. The rails are screw fixed to the wall and we suggest a builder or handyman to assist with installation and levelling.

If you would prefer to order tiles and rails separately, click link for Letter Menu Tiles and Letter Menu Rails.