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Letter Tiles, Letter Menu, Menu Board, Matte White Rails. By Decently ExposedLetter Tiles, Letter Menu, Menu Board, Matte Black Rails. By Decently Exposed

Letter Menu Rails


Letter Menu Rails are formed from matte black or matte white acrylic and used in conjunction with our letter tiles to create a menu board that is easy to update and understand. The rails can be double or single spaced to allow letters to sit on the rail or slide between the rails depending on preferred aesthetic and space available. We provide a spacer to assist with levelling single spaced rails. If you would like a longer rail then combine two or more rails to create your desired length. Rails are screw fixed to the wall and we suggest a builder or handyman to assist with installation and levelling. No minimum quantity required.

Delivery is added at checkout and is a standard $65 + gst, courier Australia wide.

500mm w x 14mm h
750mm w x 14mm h
1000mm w x 14mm h

Matte white rails and white screws
Matte Black rails and black screws