Polaroid Lightbox


Our Polaroid lightbox is a modern take on traditional method of photo display. Inspired by the timeless polaroid camera, our lightbox gives you a brand new alternative for displaying all your favourite photography or art. The illumination allows your image to command the attention of the room both during the day and at night!

With the purchase of this lightbox you will receive 2 custom backlit prints to get you started. These prints are specially made to go with this particular lightbox, we use a translucent film to ensure your image interacts with the light and wont block it out. If you would like more than two prints to go with your lightbox check out our Lightbox Prints page!

On confirming purchase of your lightbox in the checkout section you will receive a link which will take you to a page where you can easily and safely upload the files you desire to be produced with our backlit film.

Product Detail

Our polaroid lightbox is a single sided, backlit box. We illuminate our lightboxes with low voltage LED lights making them completely safe for you home.

In a powder coated white, the frame of the box measures at 850mm x 700mm on the external dimensions.

The lens is non-reflective and therefore won’t display glare from other light sources.

Mount our polaroid lightbox to the wall with a supplied split batten system, alternatively resting on benches or even on the floor works just as well! It’s up to you.

The illumination of our lightbox requires a 240 volt power source (your standard power outlet works great). The lightbox is supplied along with a 3 meter power cable.

Shipping Australia Wide.

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