Menu Board

Menu boards like the rail menu with letter, number and symbol tiles are great for cafes, bars and any other local business or shop wishing to list regularly purchased goods and services.  Easily referenced by clients in store without having to run through costs. Visually aesthetic, easy to read and simple to change the menu or adjust pricing.  We can further customise colours and materials to deliver something that complements your interior.  The brass menu board would require change over prints for new season menus, offers and promotions.

Linished Brass Menuboard, LightboxLinished Brass Menuboard, Lightbox

Brass Menu Board

  • Single Sided
  • External or Internal Sign
  • Linished brass frame or polished
  • flush, wall mounted
  • LED illuminated, low voltage, long lasting light source
  • client to supply print ready artwork
  • options for modification or reworked into a lightbox (refer other lightbox products)
  • installation not included (electrician required)
Letter Menu Board, Menu Board, Rail Menu Board, Letter Tiles, Letter DisplayLetter Menu Board, Menu Board, Rail Menu Board, Letter Tiles, Letter Display

Letter Menu Board

The letter menu board is a retro aesthetic for your bricks and mortar store to display information that is easy to read and comprehend. Great for cafe, coffee and ice cream menus, price lists for salons, consults or a message quote board at home or in the office. Pricing in product description below enables you to work out cost of rails and tiles and ways to customise for your brand.

The letter menu board is made up of rails and tiles.  The rails are formed from black or white acrylic and the letters are white acrylic or plywood as standard with direct print black lettering. The rails can be double or single spaced to allow letters to sit on the rail or slide between the rails depending on preferred aesthetic and space available. The rails are screw fixed to the wall and we suggest a builder or handyman to assist with installation and levelling. Easy to change or update menu and pricing. We are happy to further customise this letter menu board subject to materials being available.