Football Star Academy's Hyundai ix35

Football Star Academy’s Hyundai ix35 is all about kid’s soccer and budding future stars. Who doesn’t want to be a football star? Their vehicle livery is a mix of football field illustration with logo stamps and a call to action “Become a football star”. Appealing to the young folk requires creative injection. [wooslider slider_type=”attachments” limit=”7″…

AutoSkin | Kahdo | Toyota Yaris Fleet x 20

Kahdo Fleet of 20 Toyota Yaris’ in Melbourne for KY Jelly ” Yours & Mine”

Brand Hierarchy

Colourful Illustrated Backdrop
Product Image
KY Yours & Mine Logo to side doors, rear tailgate and bonnet
Catchphrase “Re-ignite the spark” to sides, tailgate
Catchphrase “His excites. Hers delights ….” to rear window

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