About Us

Decently Exposed is a family run, latex printing and signage business located in the inner west suburb of Williamstown close to Melbourne’s CBD. 

For many years, we have printed, produced, manufactured and installed exhibition signage for art galleries and museums in and around Melbourne as well as retail signage for bricks and mortar small business. We are continually refining and seeking new materials that work in a retail and gallery space whilst pursuing sustainable signage options. 

Our Growing line of products include our own range of lightboxes, menu boards and bespoke signage with custom detail for clients looking for function, aesthetic and honest materials.  We also have a product called Wall Scrawl, a range of frameless acrylic and magnetic whiteboards and custom planners. As well as a range of options for customers to print and produce their own photography and artwork.

Collaborating with designers, architects, small business and creative individuals, we aim to deliver in both function and form on our client’s desired outcomes, engaging creative artisans, manufacturers, suppliers and contractors to work with and alongside us.

Popular Products

Deflick – Small

15cm Long edge
*minimum purchase of 8 photos.

DeFlick photo decals are a great way to display your favourite digital images on a wall. Removable, reusable and easy to store if you want to change your wall display. Our peel and stick fabric decals are easy to apply, adjust, move around and remove. Perfect for renters, events and occasions where a temporary display is desired. However equally as suitable for longer term instalments our photo decals will stay on your wall until you’re ready to take them down!

We can edit your photos too… if you like.
Light enhancements ensure all your photos come back looking their finest.
If you’re after a more nostalgic feel, let us send your photos back in time for that vintage filmic look.

Letter Menu Board. – Custom Set


The Custom Letter Menu Board is a set of rails and tiles to suit your specific aesthetic and functional requirements with respect to available wall space and aesthetics with the inclusion of Pantone matched brand and interior colours and fonts.   This version of our Letter Menu board allows you to customise the tile colour, font type and font colour and tile size up to the standard 61mm x 35mm tile at no additional charge. You can also nominate rail width up to 1000mm.  Letter menu boards are a retro aesthetic way to display a full or shortlist version of your menu whether it be for daily specials, a set coffee menu, bar snacks or a detailed restaurant menu.  Menu changeovers are now a simple task that can be updated daily, weekly, seasonally or at whim.  Great for cafe, coffee and ice cream menus, price lists for salons and consult firms.  There is an artwork set up charge of $200 + gst which has been included in pricing for custom sets.  This covers off making changes to artwork and production files to reflect customisation.  If you don’t require customisation then you may prefer the Letter Menu Board – Standard Set.

Further Customisation – Quotation:

You can further customise your Letter Menu board beyond what is offered here.  Oversized tiles (larger than 61mm x 35mm), word tiles, custom rail colours, rail widths greater than 1000mm and custom quantities for tiles and rails would require a separate quotation.  Please email [email protected] if you would like to receive a quote for further customisation.


Printed Canvas (Stretched)


Our high resolution canvas prints are an easy and effective option for personalising any space with your own artistry. Upload photography, digital art or scan a painted work and receive a canvas print, professionally stretched onto high quality frames and delivered, ready to hang on the wall.


Image Lightbox

  • Single Sided
  • Backlit LED lighting, even illumination
  • Powder coated white frame measuring 850mm x 700mm overall
  • Non reflective lens,
  • Includes 1 photographic image on backlit film
  • Image measuring 607mm x 624mm, main image by Annie Spratt / Unsplash
  • client to supply high resolution image or stock image like Unsplash
  • Wall mounted with split batten or freestanding
  • fabric cord (black standard but lots of colours available)
  • plug and play
  • includes shipping Australia wide + gst

Powder Coated Lightbox (Colours)

  • Single or Double Sided
  • External / Internal Sign
  • 4.5mm opal acrylic face
  • 900mm h x 600mm w x 100mm d
  • Powder coated frame, choose from available Dulux Powdercoat Colours
  • ceiling, flag or flush mounted
  • LED illuminated, low voltage, long lasting light source
  • single or double sided logo + graphic, printed and / or forme cut graphics
  • oe 3mm logo letters sprayed to match frame
  • client to supply print ready artwork
  • options for modification (refer other lightbox products)
  • installation not included (electrician required)
  • gst, crate and delivery included Australia wide

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