Custom Letter Menu Board painted gold to match interior highlights.

Retail Signage

Our range of options for displaying signage in and around your store.

Including changeable menu alternatives, lightboxes, dry erase planners and laser cut signs.

All options are customisable allowing you the ability to maintain a consistent style throughout your store.

For The Home

It is exactly as it sounds. For The Home is a collection of products we offer which are designed for use… yep… in your home.

Focusing mainly on display of artwork and photography we really try to think outside the square with this line of products. 

Some items cater for the smaller scale projects wanting to add a bit of personality or colour to a space.

And others are a more premium finish, great for catching eyes as a centrepiece in a room or on a wall!

Canvas Art, Frameless Canvas, Printed Art
printed wallpaper behind related artwork of artist Kent Morris

Exhibition Graphics

Browse a gallery of some of our work within exhibition spaces.

This is our bread and butter, and we’re quite proud to show off some of the projects we’ve been involved with in the past.

So whether you have a project of your own and need some ideas, or if you’re just wanting to see what DE is all about, have a peek through. If you want to have a chat about anything you see, feel free to get in contact, we’d love to answer any questions you might have!

About DE!

Decently Exposed is a family run business based in the western suburbs of Melbourne. A lot of our past has seen us producing signage and display alternatives for both the retail and gallery spaces. Working hard over the years and building up a pretty reasonable portfolio along the way.

However, more recently we have decided to open up our services to include some of the more residential applications of our work. With a focus on artwork and photography display, we adapted what we’ve learned from our time in the exhibition space and applied it in ways that can turn any home into a gallery of its own!

We’re always trying to think outside the square, trying to come up with new innovations, to give you a product that you would struggle to find anywhere else on the market. We value our products quality over just trying to make a buck, and aim to deliver a product that is good at what it does and looks great while it does it!

This can also be seen in the materials we use for our products. All locally sourced and the best quality we can find. With an emphasis on finding greener alternatives so that our products are as little of an issue for the environment as possible.

We hope you enjoy looking through our website and are able to find what you need… but remember even if you aren’t seeing quite what you’re looking for, please get in contact, we always love pursuing new products and would love to hear about your project…

photo of employee standing in front of completed ob

Need Help?

If you have any questions, want more information or just want to chat… 

Ask away! We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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