Retail Signage

Whether you’re opening a new cafe, updating your menu, releasing your winter collection or you simply want to attract more customers, DE is here to offer a range possibilities to help level up your retail space. This is an area that we’re slowly building and therefore might not have exactly what you’re after displayed on our website, this doesn’t mean we can’t still help you. If this is the case please reach out to us here. We would love to work with you to meet your brands needs.


Letter menu boards are a retro aesthetic way to display a full or shortlist version of your menu whether it be for daily specials, a set coffee menu, bar snacks or a detailed restaurant menu. Easily set up and changed over, our Menu boards offer an efficient and creative way for you to update and present your menu to your customers. 

Our boards are available to purchase in ready to go standard sets, allowing you to get the most out of your boards at a better price. 

However if your brand needs something more specific, check out our custom set, where you can let us know what your menu needs to look like and we can work to your specifications.


A great eye-catching way to display your brands logo, in or outside of your store. There are many unique ways to execute a project like this and while we are continually trying to build our collection, feel free to reach out if you’re wanting something a little more tailored.

Flexibility in our lightboxes shape, size, colour and finish mean we are able to produce a sign which is completely unique to your brand.

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