Elegant, versatile, easy to use and easier to clean. This Wallscrawl collection is our attempt to re-invent the whiteboard-wheel, our boards are fully customisable and give you complete control over the style decisions considered in production.

Our boards are a great tool for staying organised. Whether it’s for your kids to plan out their week or let their creative side loose with some drawing. Perhaps for your business to stay on top of this months work and objectives. Even just for your own personal use, jotting down notes, fleshing out ideas or just to make sure you don’t forget to buy eggs on your next trip to the shops… 

Acrylic whiteboard, Wall Scrawl, Whiteboard, Frameless Whiteboard
custom acylic planner, clear background with yearly planner layout.

Acrylic Planner | Starting at $570

The Acrylic Planner is set apart by its subtlety, when being used, it’s a very convenient planning tool, however when unused this planner fades into the background almost disappearing from sight.

Very simple and very effective our planners come with the possibility of customising your own planning layout. Weekly, monthly, yearly or a combination of all, select a planner layout that suits your exact needs.

Magnetic Planner | Starting at $638

For a planner built to stand out. Our magnetic planners are bold and beautiful. Full customisation of the colours, layout and design allows you to achieve a planner that looks like it was built specifically for the space it’s living in.

Great for public spaces with high traffic like gyms, recreational centre lobbies and open office spaces.

whiteboard floating panel, dry erase, magnetic options, butt join, whiteboard wall

Floating Planner | Starting at $1232

Our floating planner gets the best out of both worlds. its elegance comes from the mounting system which gives the illusion that the board is floating on the wall. All while maintaining the customisable potential and magnetic capabilities found in our standard magnetic planners.

This Wallscrawl is incredibly useful and looks awesome, perfect for spaces that require a board to align with other design aspects found within the interior .

Custom Magnets | $15 ea.

Finish your magnetic planner off with a set of matching magnets, design with your colours and fonts to make sure even this little detail looks like it belongs.

Printed Magnets, Fitness Timetable, Group Fitness Classes, Custom Whiteboard Planner, Magnetic Whiteboard

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