Floating Planner


Our Floating Planners are an elegant alternative to your traditional whiteboard planner. Fixed with a split batten system that results in the planner sitting proud of the wall, giving the illusion that the board is floating – hence the name.

Our planners are available in a variety of sizes and style options, and also available with the addition of a magnetic layer too. You can opt for a simple wash of colour as your background or go a step further and allow us to design a full custom layout to cater your specific needs. With this we can include branding and fonts, logos and imagery to make sure that your board will fit into any space you need it to go.

After confirmation of purchase we will be in touch to set the production steps into motion.

Product Detail


Slimline 10mm Rigid panel and a 10mm bracket sets the face of your Floating Planner 20mm away from the wall. With the gap between the wall and the floating planner also being 10mm as a result of the brackets thickness.

After purchasing your planner through our website we will be in touch to collect any references or mockups you can offer. Along with any brand elements that you want to include on the planner (ie. Logo). We then print the design to a self adhesive vinyl and wrap the panel with your design.

Select from a Gloss or Satin Finish for your boards, both are dry erase and allow the use of whiteboard markers.


Only write on your floating planner with any standard whiteboard marker do not use any permanent markers due to their… permanence. For cleaning our Gloss finished panels a soft cloth or duster is all thats required. More care is needed for the satin finished panels, a little detergent and water should easily clean most markings. Avoid any abrasive chemical cleaners and only use low amounts of water at a time.

For a better look at which markers best suit our planners check out this video.


Our split batten system makes installing a quick and easy process fixing the battens to the wall first and then hanging the panels once they’re secure. However an extra pair of hands may be necessary for the larger boards. We will also supply install instructions along with the delivery of your Floating Planner.

Along with your board you will receive; Fixings to mount your board, screws and appropriate wall-mates to ensure you’re able to fix your planner in a variety of conditions.

Please allow 10 – 15 days for dispatch of planner after approval of artwork. We can’t guarantee the delivery times of your planner but when requested we will offer you tracking information so you can follow the delivery the whole way along.

Delivery Australia wide only. Please contact if outside this range.

Wall Scrawl ~ changing the look of the whiteboard.

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