Letter Menu Boards

Visually appealing, easy to read and simple to change, our letter menu boards are a stylish alternative to a traditional fixed menu. Offering greater flexibility to update your menu with minimal effort, or without compromising the aesthetic.
Choose from our pre-made sets for a balanced and cost effective menu or fully customise your letter menu set to fit in perfectly with the existing look of your brand.
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Standard Menus

Our range of standard sets has been curated to be able to give you a calculated variety of letters and numbers which can be applied to more general uses of our menus.

Great for menus that are frequently changed, where exact quantities can’t be specified and you need to be covered no matter the display.

Quantity Select

Great for smaller scale applications where letter and rail quantities are easily calculated.

For any menus that are static and you only need specific quantities of each letter.

Also used to top up on a standard set order where you know that you might need additionals in specific tiles. Be it to make up more numbers for a commonly used letter or for extra uncommon tiles.

Plywood Letters, Menu Letter Tiles, Letter Display, Menuboard
Custom Letter Tiles, Letter Menu, Menu Board, Gold Rails. By Decently Exposed

Custom Menu

We want to give you full creative control over the final look of your menu set. With the ability to choose your own colours, tile size, font and quantities we want to provide you with a set that seamlessly fits into your current cafe/restaurant/bars aesthetic.

We will work with you directly in the design process to make sure the menu set you receive is exactly as you would like to have it!

Need Help?

If you have any questions, want more information or just want to chat… 

Ask away! We will get back to you as soon as we can.



How long do I have to wait for my custom menu board to arrive?


We usually ask for at up to 2 weeks to dispatch once all elements have been confirmed. Delivery is by courier and we can't guarantee exact dates but in most cases it takes around 1-2 weeks.


Can I install my menu set myself or will I need help?


Depending on the size of your rails, we do suggest you install your sets with a spare pair of hands.


How many letter tiles will fit on a rail?


Approximately 28 standard size tiles will fit on a rail that's 1m long.


Is there an easy way to figure out what letter quantities I will need?


There absolutely is, you can enter your menu here and it will list all of your quantities for you!
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