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The Small Menu set is the entry level set for our letter menu range. Letter menu boards are a retro aesthetic way to display a full or shortlist version of your menu, whether it be for daily specials, a coffee menu, bar snacks or a detailed restaurant menu.  Menu changeovers are now an effortless task that can be updated daily, weekly, seasonally or whenever required. Our Small Menu set is designed for small scale use and is great for displaying limited menu options. The perfect tool if you’re advertising todays specials in your restaurant, coffee prices next to your barista, this weeks point of focus in an office space, or just a nice way to display a friendly message to your customers from within your retail store.

Your Small Menu set is comprised of 226 total tiles as well as 8 rails to line them on, quantities of each character can be found in the product images.

See below for more info on our letter menu boards.

Product Detail

Our Small Menu set includes:

Rails x 8, are available in a range of lengths from 500mm to 2000 mm. Along with your pick of a matte black or matte white finish. 1 x 1000mm of rail can hold up to 28 individual tiles. This is something to be very mindful of when organising the layout of your menu.

Tiles x 226, measure 62mm (h) x 35mm (w) x 3mm (d) and come in Matte White, Black or Plywood. We UV print the text direct to the tile in either black or white depending on your selection. We use a Futura Medium font (all uppercase). Text height for all standard letters is 20mm.

If you feel too limited by our standard menu boards or have a vision for your board that you don’t see on our website you can check out our Custom Menu page. Where we can fully tailor a changeable menu board to your specific needs.

More options:

If you would like to add more rails to your set to create a board thats bigger or taller check out Letter Menu Rails. Although if you instead feel that our collection of letters and symbols isn’t enough to complete your changeable menu, check out Letter Menu Tiles. Here you can add the necessary tiles you need to go with your Standard set!

If you have a set menu and want to figure out the frequency at which each letter appears, you can easily complete that with a frequency calculator. Copy your menu into the provided space and note the frequency of each letter as indicated by the calculator.

Install & Delivery

Easily fix rails to a wall or board using the supplied screws. This may be a two person job, depending on the size of the rails you purchase. We encourage the use of a spirit level when installing your rails. Spacers are provided at a slightly increased size to ensure that tiles glide between rails with no resistance.

Our standard sets are ready to go and waiting for their new home, we do ask that you allow up to 5 working days for dispatch of each set.


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