Letter Menu Tiles


Order specific quantities of our Letter Menu Tiles. Great as an addition to one of our Standard letter menu sets if you feel like you need more of a specific tile. Alternatively on their own you can create smaller menus, notice boards or static menus where you don’t need a variety of letters.

Available as a wooden or matte white tile with black lettering or as a matte black tile with white lettering. Our standard styles are good for more general use, if you’re wanting to have more control over the style of your tiles, consider our Custom Menu option which gives you full creative control over how your menu board will end up looking!

After selecting how many tiles you will want, add them to cart and proceed to checkout. Once we have confirmed your purchase we will send you a form which will allow you to indicate your own specific quantities for each tile.


Product Detail

Present your menus and other messages in a way thats easily changeable and in a style that can be easily adapted to a brand with our letter menu tiles.

Combine with our standard Letter Menu Rails to create a menu set that suits your quantity requirements!

TILE SIZE: 62mm (h) x 32mm (w) x 3mm (d).


FONT: Futura, a san serif, easy to read font.

Order a specific quantity of our Letter Menu Tiles from this page. You will firstly want to select the total amount of tiles that you require. Once purchased we will send you a quantity form where you will be able to detail individual quantities for each tile!

If you have a set menu and want to figure out the quantities of each letter in that menu, you can easily complete that with a frequency calculator. Simply copy your menu into the provided space and the calculator will show you the frequency of each letter appears.

There is a standard courier/postal charge of $40 for our letter menu tiles. Delivery Australia wide.


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