Custom Menu

Our Custom  Letter Menu Sets give you full creative control over your letter menu set. Let us work with you to help you realise the exact vision you have for your retail space. Below we have supplied a form that you can fill out which will give us more than enough info to be able to get moving on your letter menu set. Fill out what you can, anything helps, and if you’re having trouble understanding anything or just don’t have the answer at this point, don’t stress, you can leave that question blank and we will be in touch to help you through that process.

Product Detail

We use two main components, tiles and rails, to make up your Custom Menu, details are as follows;


Rails are available in lengths up to 2 meters. To create a menu that extends beyond 2 meters you can easily fix multiple rails to meet end to end.

Easily fix rails to a wall with supplied screws and necessary wall mates.

Our rails are made using acrylic, a selection of colours can be achievable using the base material alone.

Further colour customisation is available with spraying, referencing a Pantone colour will give you a more accurate match if you already have the colour used throughout the store/space.


We cut our Custom Letter Menu sets from 3mm acrylic. Thicker acrylic is available on request.

Our Standard Set tile measurements are 61mm x 35mm. This is a good size for menus that are visible within 2-12 meters.

28 standard size tiles will fill a 1000mm width of rail.

Our rail grooves allow the tiles to sit comfortably, this does result in a portion of the tile to be hidden behind the rail, 5mm to be exact.

Selecting a tile colour uses the same process as our rails. Whereby a standard set of colours are available in the base acrylic. Further customisation is available with spraying.

We direct UV print all our lettering to the tiles. When choosing your text colour, referencing a Pantone colour will give you the most accurate match if you already have the colour used throughout the store/space.

Fonts from the Adobe suite are available. If you have a specific font to match your brand we ask that that.

To easily calculate your set menu letter and symbol quantities, check out this frequency calculator. Just input your menu and note down the frequency of each letter! This, however, won’t count numbers or symbols, so you will have to do that the good old fashioned way!


Need Help?

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