Illuminated Image Boxes

Our Illuminated Image Boxes are a beautifully modern way to display your art and photography around your home!

The image boxes are handcrafted and focus on the finer details of art display, adding another dimension to the art as it sits in the space. The soft glow allows the works to be viewed at all hours of the day and provides brilliant contrast within the work.

Brass Plated Light Box, Light Box, Decently Exposed
Image Lightbox, Photo Lightbox, Freestanding Lightbox, Powdercoated Lightbox

Polaroid Lightbox | $1450

A tribute to the polaroid images we used to decorate our rooms with snapshots from our lives growing up.

Our polaroid Lightbox currently comes in one size only however we are looking to build on this in the future. We are also able to build custom commissions for those who want a specifically tailored box.

Wooden Lightbox | $550

Each box handcrafted to give you a beautiful, earthy lightbox fit for a gallery.

Three sizes and two finishes allow this box to be used in a variety of ways. Perfect to hang on the wall in your cafe, sit on your desk at the office or rest on a shelf in your home. The soft glow of the box can even serve as a stylish nightlight in a young child’s bedroom or throughout your hallway.

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Custom Backlit Prints | $30

Upload your own photography or artwork and receive a high resolution print fit for your selected image box.

Our Backlit prints are printed onto a special film that allows light to flow through the lighter inks. This adds a whole new dimension for artists to work with when producing their art. Light sources within the art are capable of ACTUALLY producing light. A concept previously unheard of in the world of printed art! 

We are excited for what the future holds for this form of display.

Lightbox, Matte Black Frame, Cafe Signage, by Decently Exposed

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This is a very experimental aspect of our work and we’re always working on new projects behind the scenes. 

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Can I hang my box on the wall or is it just to sit on a bench.


We fit all our boxes with a system to hang them on the wall, we reccommend avoiding adhesive hangers due to the weight of the boxes.


Is lighting like this safe to have in a box?


Due to the low voltage of our LED's our boxes are not a fire hazard and are perfectly safe to have in your home!


How long will my image box take to arrive?


We usually ask that you allow 2 weeks for dispatch of our boxes but if we need more time we will let you know!


Can I have a box made to fit a space that I have and want to be filled?


Absolutely, it's important to remember that all of our products can be custom built to suit whatever specs you provide.