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Our Standard Decals are a great way to display your favourite digital photography and artwork on a wall. Removable, reusable and easy to store if you want to change or move your wall display. Our peel and stick fabric decals are perfect for renters, events and occasions where a temporary display is desired. However equally as suitable for longer term instalments your photo decals will stay on your wall until you’re ready to take them down!

Your standard decals come in three sizes (measurement specifies longest edge of the decal):

Small – 15cm

Medium – 20cm

Large – 30cm

Once purchase is confirmed we will send you a link where you can safely and easily upload your files!

To purchase multiple sizes, add each to the cart individually.

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Product Detail

Our Standard Decals are a great way to customise any surface with your own photographs or artwork. Easily remove our decals and reapplied without leaving any evidence that they were ever on the wall. Making them perfect for people who are renting, in office spaces or even for something more temporary such as weddings or birthdays. However this is not to say they’re not good for longer lasting installations either, our decals will stay up until you want them down!

Get creative with your prints, the small, medium and large sizes give you plenty of variation. Allowing you to arrange them in any number of different configurations. Limited only by your imagination!


All Photography and Artwork is to be in one of the specified file formats. Most file sizes will be accepted however if a file is too big it may exceed our upload forms limit. Please get in contact if this is the case and we can work out a different form of transfer.

Your wall decals are biodegradable as well! Meaning the earth won’t suffer from your decision to display your favourite images on the wall.

We print all of our Standard Decals onto a material called PhotoTex, the original peel and stick, polyester fabric, adhesive material that can be installed on virtually any flat surface (indoor and out). For more information on PhotoTex click here for their website!

On completion of your purchase, please allow up to two weeks for delivery of your photo decals.

*Please note, while we are confident that our photo decals will remain on your wall with no issues. In order to maximise the longevity of your decals, if applying onto fresh paint, please allow 4-5 days before installing your images. We also advise that you ensure a surface is clean and dust free before applying your photo decals.


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