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Over the years, Decently Exposed has worked predominantly in gallery and exhibition spaces providing exhibition related graphics to the arts industry. We are a small scale, family business so focussing on a niche market rather than being a jack of all trades, suited our size, capability and interest. It also enabled us to work and research products that matched the needs and expectations of this industry.

This work aside, we have also enjoyed manufacturing on a small scale, custom light boxes, changeable menu boards and a range of custom whiteboards “Wall Scrawl’ for retail, office and hospitality based businesses.
Our product services within the gallery space have changed considerably over recent years, with larger graphic installs – wallpapers, ceiling and floor graphics, being incorporated into exhibitions alongside didactics, title walls and descriptive text about an exhibition. Gaining considerable expertise and attention to detail with materials and products that work within gallery space. As well as a good understanding of best practice for preparation and installation. We are now starting to see some of these services cross over into commercial spaces and interiors. 

Commercial spaces have typically been “functionality first”, fitting out an area to accommodate staff without due consideration to the look and feel of this environment. Bigger companies like Google and Facebook started this trend of funky interiors and a more laid back approach to productivity. 

According to a study completed at the University of Warwick; An employee Working in these kinds of environments will in turn be 12% more productive as they carry out their work. Google invested quite heavily in this notion and found that their employees’ productivity rose by 37%. 

Blue Rock is a great example of a business creating a space that’s inviting, promotes creativity, collaboration and connection. Blue Rock recently engaged us to fit out their new and existing office spaces with graphics and signage. This included, installing wallpapers, floor graphics, wall decals and wayfinding signage, all in keeping with their brand aesthetic to create a warm, vibrant engaging space for employees and clients. We really enjoyed working with Blue Rock as their relaxed and trusting approach gave us considerable creative and productive control over this project. We think the results speak for themselves. 

We elaborate more on the work we did with Blue Rock here.

So it makes perfect sense to expand the work we do for galleries and the knowledge we have gained in both production and installation and crossover into these commercial spaces. We seek clients wanting to create interiors that invigorate and creatively energize not only the work space but for it to affect those who occupy or step into this space in a positive, creative and productive way. We love connecting with these businesses that love to blur the line between work and play, creating visually interesting spaces that inspire and excite those who enter them. 

And we invite more work of this kind!

Thanks for reading.

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