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Blue Rock came to us around August last year through an interior designer, Vicki Punch. We were already working with Vicki on another job from earlier that year, which involved producing graphics and a wooden notice board for a restaurant/event space.

This Blue Rock install was to be predominantly wallpapers and a window graphic in an office space they had on Little Collins Street. They wanted a graphic across each of their windows facing out to obscure an uninspiring visual of the surrounding high rise buildings. 

For this we opted to produce a graphic that would still allow light to come through while providing enough opacity that the buildings behind were convincingly removed from sight. This meant on the warmer sunnier days, the office would still receive nice daylight and on the gloomier days the graphic would be more pronounced as the light from within the office was doing most of the work. 

This created a nice balance. Blue Rock supplied one of their brand graphics which we were able to manipulate and expand to fit the 16 windows around the room.

Blue Rock’s Little Collins office, each meeting room was named to make for simple identification. These names were then expressed in the styling of the room and the graphic used for the wall. Names like the Cleopatra Room, Caveman Room, Elon Room. Each Can be seen below.

Vicki and the Blue Rock designers had prepared a varying selection of images for us to produce as wallpapers for each of these rooms. Interestingly, Most of these graphics would, in the past, have been considered too low res to scale up and produce for an entire wall application. 

However, we have recently learned a new technique in the processing stage that allows us to take these lower res images and optimise them for an application as large as a wall. Removing a great level of pixelation which typically we would see when scaling up smaller images to this size. We’ve found this process to be a real game changer in some of our recent installs and this is especially true for this whole Blue Rock job.

While this install was occurring, Vicki introduced me to Georgia who was my point of contact for the next round of office rooms in their office space one street over on Collins Street. For this space they wanted to continue with themed wallpapers, close to 25 walls of varying sizes and with their own images. 

Georgia and her team of designers supplied most of the graphics, however for some, we were happy to go image hunting for them to find an image that would suit the specs of some of the more panoramic walls. Again drawing on room and area themes to determine each graphic.

Another notable space for this install was the entrance and foyer area where they opted to use floor graphics as the overarching visual. Referred to as the ‘Stripe Hallway’, it comprised a wall to floor to wall graphic of repeating purple and magenta stripes for a bright and memorable welcome to their office.

Blue Rock has created a very creative and energetic space for employees. They sought feedback from employees as to how they could lift the office space to create a collaborative and inspiring workspace.  

The first area to be rectified was in response to feedback, employees commenting that a particular area felt like being in a cold hospital room or stark science lab and being not so conducive to work. Georgia set about improving this space first.  

Everything seems to flow from a space that is considered. This has a knock on effect as we mentioned in our previous post. Employers working with employees to create that intangible ‘good vibes’ feeling that was already evident as we worked in this space and in the back and forward communication we had with the client and their staff. And even exemplified after we had completed our work within this space.

There are still more projects on the go with Blue Rock and we look forward to sharing those with you when they’re done.

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