Timber Framed Prints

Our high resolution canvas prints are an easy and affordable option for personalising any space with your own artistry. Upload photography, digital art or scan a painted work and receive a canvas print, professionally stretched onto high quality frames and delivered, ready to hang on your wall.

The premium version of our canvas range allows full customisation of the canvases size and more importantly the canvases frame! Everyone has their own vision when decorating their homes and we want to make sure that our product aligns comfortably with yours.

Proceed below and fill out the form so we can get a better understanding of what you’re after. And don’t worry if you don’t have all the details yet, give us what you can and we will be in touch to work out the rest.

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    Product Detail

    Alternative finishes:

    Our Timber Framed Prints come with a couple of different finishing options. This level of variety is why we are currently providing quotes instead of prices.

    While timber is our most popular finish, we are not limited to only this option. We can also fashion a frame from a number of other materials including steel, copper, brass and acrylic.

    Achieve a rust, stainless or blackened finish with steel as the frame.

    Alternatively you can opt for powder coated or sprayed finish using acrylic, if you’re wanting a smooth coloured finish. We are able to achieve a majority of colours on the Pantone Colour Chart with these ways of finishing.

    Allow us to stain your timber frame to give you darker earthy finish, or use a lighter wood altogether for a softer look.

    Ready to hang, and delivered Australia wide, our timber framed prints are beautiful and easy gift for any occasion. Due to the weight we suggest using screwed fixings directly into the wall for installation of the piece.


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