Just The Print


Canvas prints are an inexpensive, avant garde to add a little bit of style to an interior space. Perfect for getting photos off your phone and onto your wall. Keep your favourite memories alive whether they be family snapshots, a cherished holiday, or even scan your child’s artwork and bring their creations to life. A temporary alternative for personal styling at weddings, events or parties or as wall hangings at home. Can be hung in a variety of DIY ways to instantly add your own signature to a space.

Also great for projects where you would like to stretch and frame your prints yourself.


Once you confirm your size and quantities, proceed to checkout to complete the purchase. After confirming your purchase we will send you an upload link where you can easily and safely upload your files!


Product Detail

Just the print is the raw version of our canvas print range, this gives you great versatility when using the prints.

Option also to include additional boarders or reflected edges to give you a cleaner wrap around your stretcher bars. This helps to achieve a cleaner look if you are intending to stretch and frame these prints yourself. You will have the ability to specify this on our upload form!



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